Ohio Brewery Makes Green Beer to Spotlight Toxic Algae Plaguing Lake Erie

The beer may be green, but it’s totally safe to drink

A Toledo brewery is making green beer to bring awareness to the toxic algae growing in Lake Erie that may taint tap water.

Maumee Bay Brewing Company in Toledo, Ohio, is making green-colored beer to draw attention to an ecological crisis currently facing Lake Erie. The exclusive green brew is called Algae Blooms, and it derives its witchy undertone from powdered green tea and kiwi.

Toxic algae growing in Lake Erie is currently threatening the city’s tap water. Since the main ingredient in beer is water, and since Maumee Bay uses tap water sourced from Lake Erie to brew their beer, they’re hoping the alarming color change will drive lots of attention to the cause.


Maumee Bay brewery manager Craig Kerr made sure to tell the New York Post that the green beer only looks contaminated but actually is not. These beers may not be green or taste like algae, but they come in many other strange flavors — check out the 21 weirdest flavors of beer.