No Glass Of Champagne Is As Satisfying As The First, Study Says

Nothing is as satisfying as popping a new bottle of Champagne to celebrate New Year's Eve, a romantic night out, or a promotion at work. Apparently, that's now a fact. In his new book, The Longevity List, Dr. Merlin Thomas of Melbourne's Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute revealed that bubbly alcoholic beverages will get you drunker quicker, and the leading culprit is an ice cold glass of Champagne from a newly opened bottle.

According to The Daily Mail Thomas explains in the book that when the cork of a new bottle of Champagne and sparkling wine is popped, carbon dioxide dissolved in the beverage escapes and starts to bubble up to the top of our glasses. So, when you drink a glass of Champagne, you're also drinking the dissolved gas, which fills your stomach and forces your body to move the alcohol into your intestines, where it will absorb into your bloodstream faster. That means you'll get more drunk on the first glass of Champagne than subsequent, less bubbly pours.

The more ya know, huh?

The same effect about bubbly drinks applies to all drinks. Fizzy beer and sparkling cocktails will also move through your body faster than flat red or white wine. But no drink is quite as bubbly as ice-cold Champagne. So, no, it's not just your imagination: That Champagne really does go straight to your head! If you're looking to celebrate something (or just get drunk quickly — no judgment), check out these 10 Champagnes that won't break the bank.