The New York Distillers Guild Launches a Very Useful New Website is a one-stop resource for discovering the state’s spirits

The site looks great, too. 

More than 60 distillers from across New York State have teamed up to launch a new website, and it’s a spectacular resource for anyone who’s interested in local craft spirits. is the new website of the New York State Distillers Guild, which was formed in 2013 to promote and advocate for the state’s distilling industry. You can find just about every category of distilled spirits in New York (including vodka, gin, rum, brandy, and bitters), and this new site makes discovering them all much easier.

The site is divided into five sections: Explore the Regions, which lets you search for distillers in each of New York’s six regions (Albany/ Northern, Central, Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Metro NYC, and Western); Find Our Producers; which lets you search by region or product (also letting you know which distilleries offer tastings); Explore Trails, which maps out tasting trails throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City; Learn the History, which tells the story of local distilling dating back to the Colonial Era; and Learn About Distilling, which explains the distillation process.

All in all, the website allows you to discover 62 distillers throughout the state, and each one has its own page with background information, descriptions of their products, and contact and tour info.


New York is one of the country’s leading producers of artisanal distilled spirits, and this new website makes it a lot easier for you to discover them all.