Nashville Residents Can ‘Subscribe’ to Local Coffee Shops With Coffee-Finding App

Friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee

Ugly Mugs

With the new app Brewpass, it’s a great time to go explore the independently owned coffee shops in Nashville. Brewpass is the Netflix for coffee aka a subscription to the best cafes including Honest Coffee, Tin Cup, and Divine Art.

If you’ve spent any time in Nashville’s coffee scene, you know how special the coffee culture is here. They may seem like your typical hipster hangouts, where the “cool kids” go, or insert whatever generational slandering you prefer -- but oh no, it is so much more than that.

Nashville coffee culture is hard not to fall in love with. My greatest love affair began when I walked into Ugly Mugs in East Nashville and ordered my first cup of hand brew. I will never forget the Christmas themed “Campbell’s Soup” mug given to me that day (in the month of June) with “M’m! M’m! Good!” written all around it. With my hands wrapped around my steaming Christmas mug, I found a chair next to Dolly Parton (a painting) and a bunch of band equipment and began to feel the appeal and appreciate through taste, why folks keep coming back.

Nashville’s one-of-a-kind coffee culture isn’t about which ugly mug you get, or coffee bean you order; it’s about saying hi to Jarod and his wife, Courtney, behind the counter, posting up for an hour (or seven), and walking out feeling inspired. Maybe it’s the vibrations of freelancers and executives, artists and musicians, and tourists alike all working under one roof. Whatever it is, it is uniquely Nashville and only something you will find inside one of its local coffee houses.

Brewpass is a start-up tech company offering subscriptions to independent coffee shops. Their goal is to drive customers to local coffee, support local economies and help the coffee companies compete with larger chains.



To get your free coffee on National Coffee Day, any Nashvillian can simply download the Brewpass App and enter code COFFEEDAY.