Mix Up, Drink Down: The Thé Rouge By Mixologist Marlo Gamora

The 1920s are a decade known for opulence and ferocious imbibing, and F. Scott Fitzgerald is known for capturing the chaos and frivolity of the time in most of his work.

No other story of his does so quite like The Beautiful and the Damned, and it was the raucous parties depicted in the novel that inspired the forthcoming immersive installation from St-Germain elderflower liqueur in collaboration with renowned Hollywood stylist, Kate Young. They asked expert mixologist Marlo Gamora to create four cocktails to serve at the event—all inspired by the Roaring Twenties and all containing St-Germain

If you find yourself in NYC on Friday, June 22, you can sip all the Gamora-created St-Germain cocktails at this unique evening for charity (a portion of the ticket sales for the fête will be donated to The Battery Conservancy). But if you can't make it, may we suggest mixing up a Thé Rouge and getting into a little trouble of your own.

Thé Rouge | Marlo Gamora, Dante
.75 oz. St-Germain French elderflower liqueur
.75 oz. Bacardi 4
4 oz. Roobois tea
1 dash lemon essential oil

Build in a highball and garnish with lemon wheel and raspberries like a traditional ice tea.