Man Sues Foster’s Beer for Not Being Brewed in Australia

The plaintiff alleges that he and other consumers have been misled into believing that Foster’s beer is brewed in Australia
Man Sues Foster’s Beer for Not Being Brewed in Australia

Photo Modified: Flickr/Pablo Romeo/CC 2.0

In the suit, Leif Nelson said that he would continue to purchase Foster’s if it is accurately labeled.

New York City resident  Leif Nelson has filed a class action lawsuit against Miller Brewing Co. for its misleading depiction of Foster’s beer, which, given its well-known slogan of “Foster’s, Australian for Beer,” would suggest that Foster’s is brewed in Australia.

The lawsuit, filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, points out that Foster’s moved its brewing operation to Fort Worth, Texas, in 2011, but continued to advertise the beer as being imported from Australia. Another tagline for Foster’s reads, “How to speak Australian.”

Nelson, who contends that he and other consumers were misled through deceptive advertising, told the New York Daily News that he stopped buying Foster’s after he discovered the truth earlier this year, though he would be willing to resume purchasing it if Miller Brewing Co. labels Foster’s accurately in the future.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for MillerCoors told the Daily News that in Texas, Foster’s “even employs an Australian brewmaster so that the beer tastes as true to its origin as possible.”

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