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Man Locked in Convenience Store Beer Cave Drinks 3 Four Lokos and an Icehouse Tallboy

It’s a party

A man in Wisconsin has been charged with theft after convenience store employees found him boozing in the beer cave. According to Milwaukee ABC affiliate WISN, Jeremy Van Ert was locked inside the walk-in cooler at Kwik Trip in Marshfield around 11:50 p.m, and although the temperature was unbearable — 32 degrees Fahrenheit — the 38-year-old decided to not yell for help.

Police say a customer spotted the man inside the cooler around 5:50 a.m. the next day. When employees let him out, he left the store without paying for the things he’d consumed — an 18-ounce bottle of Icehouse beer and three cans of Four Loko. He also knocked over and busted three 30-packs of Busch Light.

Police later arrested Van Ert, who was issued a misdemeanor citation for walking out on his bar tab. The local ABC affiliate WAOW reports that Van Ert is currently behind bars at a local jail on probation hold from an unrelated case that required him to stay sober.

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