Make Your Own Irish Cream

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Some of the best holiday treats we've enjoyed were homemade. What could be better than that? Treats that are homemade and involve liquor.

Sure, you could make spicy bourbon balls, whiskey butterscotch sauce, or almond cognac cookie sandwiches, but we'll actually be giving our friends and family something different this season: homemade Irish cream liqueur.

We found a simple and delicious recipe for it in Dutch author Yvette van Boven's Home Made Winter, which was recently released. Though the store-bought variety is a best-seller this time of year, producing Irish cream yourself isn't really that hard — and it allows you to experiment with various types of whiskey from around the world.

Most Irish whiskies, bourbons, and Speyside single malts will generally provide smoothness and sweetness, while rye or smoky Islay Scotch will lend a surprising complexity and depth.

No matter what spirit you use, your guests will love a glass with dessert (pumpkin pie, perhaps?). And a small bottle also is a great host present.

Click here for a DIY recipe for Irish cream. 

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