Make Your Favorite 7 Soft Drinks at Home


Coca-Cola Blak

Everyone loves a good Coke and everyone loves a cup of coffee, right? When this was introduced in 2006, it got a slew of mixed reviews, but when it was discontinued two years later, fans pined after the highly caffeinated beverage. 

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Vanilla Coke

Modeling itself after the popular soda shop beverage, this raised a lot of eyebrows when it dropped in the early 2000s. While it was discontinued, it was brought back in some places in 2007, but much of the country is still without the syrupy drink.

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While these are still around in much of the country, Capri-Sun had its hayday in the 90s and early 2000s. With recent claims of mold in the pouches and clamoring for healthier beverages, many are opting for homemade recipes like the one below. 

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Sports Drinks

Whether we were really needed this as kids on the t-ball on the field is still anyone's guess, but one thing is for certain, these could be found in the hand of every '90s kid on the kickball field — and today.

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Dr. Pepper

It's hard to think of childhood without this spicy beverage for any east coast kid. But, this drink is not found in some parts of the US and in much of the world. 

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New York Seltzer


In the 80's and 90's, no pizza shop experience would be the same without this fizzy, sweet treat. Unfortunately, the brand went bankrupt in the early 90's, but the recipe was sold off. To whoever bought it, please, please bring this back. Think of the children. 

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Everyone's favorite green soda from the '90s, hooray! 

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