Bar Manager Who Booted a Trump Supporter Is Getting Death Threats

The bar’s manager kicked out a customer wearing a red MAGA cap

The bar recently won a lawsuit filed by the customer who was kicked out of the establishment.

The manager of The Happiest Hour bar in New York City told the New York Post he has received nearly two dozen death threats since he kicked out a guy who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” trucker hat. In a recently closed lawsuit, Donald Trump supporter Greg Piatek alleged that Jon Neidich told him to leave because of his political affiliation, but Neidich is claiming the 31-year-old got the boot because he was drunkenly harassing a female bartender.

Neidich, who voted for Hillary Clinton, told the Post that he and his staff don’t discriminate against Trump supporters, but apparently that wouldn’t legally matter anyway. Piatek, an accountant visiting the Big Apple from Philadelphia, sued The Happiest Hour, claiming the incident “offended his sense of being American.” In the end, a judge decided that there was nothing “outrageous” about his removal. Plus, The Happiest Hour’s lawyer, Elizabeth Conway, says political beliefs are not protected from discrimination by law — only religious beliefs are.

It’s unclear at this time whether or not the decision will be repealed, but Neidich has filed multiple reports with police because of the threats he’s received over social media. The Daily Meal has reached out to the West Village proprietor for comment. For more legal matters from the food-sphere, here are some restaurants that got sued for the wackiest reasons.