Light Beer Taste Test (Slideshow)

Our panel had nothing good whatsoever to say about Keystone Light. Coming in last place, the beer was light-colored, sour, and watered down. One taster compared thought it was "catty" while another said it tasted like it had been "left out from the night before on the beer pong table."

9) Corona Light

Described as the "Diet Pepsi of beer," Corona Light came in second-to-last. Though it had a "decent color," its "skunky smell" and "attempt [at] flavor" didn't help its score at all. One taster suggested that it would be good for beer pong. 

8) Amstel Light

Amstel Light was received a little more favorably by some of our panel due to its supposedly interesting smell and taste. Some tasters experienced a "woodland" and "potpourri" flavor that was "almost minty." However, others thought that it was too light and watery, had no smell, and tasted like medicine.

7) Coors Light

Tasters couldn't seem to agree on the flavor of Coors Light. Some noted that it tasted sweaty or "horsey." Others thought it tasted like nothing much, while still others thought it was somewhat fruity. Concerning smell and color, it smelled like cider and had a light color.

6) Michelob Light

For the most part, Michelob Ultra was described as having a "good non-flavor" and no aroma. However, tasters seemed to like its "super light" and "fruity water" flavor and suggested it was another good choice for beer pong.

5) Bud Light Platinum

After tasting Bud Light Platinum, one taster said it was their favorite and was flavorful, with good carbonation. Others described it as "smelly" and "malty."

4) Natural Light

With a "good color" and a "mild, watery, college taste," Natural Light was "perfectly acceptably flavorless" to our panel. They recommend it as a good beer for summer and outside parties.

3) Miller Lite

Our panel agreed that third-place Miller Lite "tastes like college," with a barnyardy smell, little carbonation, and no taste but good color. Despite these poor characteristics, it seemed they at least liked it more than the seven other beers that are ranked below it.

2) Heineken Light

Coming in second place, Heineken Light received high marks for its "oddly floral" and "tree-like" smell. It was also hailed as being "slightly flavorful."

1) Trader José Light

Ranking number one, Trader José Light, a private-label beer from the Trader Joe's chain, was surprisingly "pretty OK," according to our tasters. They liked that it "smelled like chips," was "lager-like," and had a "caramel-y" color.