The Last-Minute Boozy Father’s Day Gift Guide Slideshow

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

It’s not just the classic Johnnie Walker name and the superlative whisky that will make Dad excited. For an extra fee, you can personalize your bottle to make it a memorable gift. New Yorkers, take note: until Father’s Day, you can get your Blue Label bottle engraved on the spot in Grand Central Terminal, and today, Thursday the 14th, Dan Gerstein from Gotham Ghostwriters will be on hand to help you craft a more unique and personal note. ($225)

Thor Whisky

Think your dad is a god? Show him how you feel with a limited-edition bottle of Thor, a 16-year-old single malt from the esteemed Highland Park distillery. The first of four offerings in the Vahalla Collection, the bottle takes cues from the Nordic god and his bold character (after all, a 52.1% ABV will punch you something fierce). Get it while its still out; only 1,500 bottles will be released in the U.S. ($200)

White Pike Whiskey

It’s hard to pick a whiskey that can top your traditional single malt, but the newest offering from Finger Lakes Distilling might do the trick. White Pike, from upstate New York’s Finger Lake region, is made from local corn, spelt, and malted wheat and aged a mere 18 minutes in bourbon barrels. The unique spirit has a lighter finish than most whiskeys, but still has that warm, woody taste with a slight taste of syrup. If your dad is a Manhattan or Old Fashioned drinker, he’ll be blown away using White Pike. ($33 to $39)

The Macallan 12-Year and 17-Year Old

The Macallan is a brand you and your dad will go to time and again; the 12-year’s notes of wood, smoke, and spice from aging in a sherry cask makes it the perfect pairing for all your summer barbecues. The 17-year old has more light notes of citrus and tropical fruit, which makes it ideal for a day outdoors — maybe after a golf game? ($52 for 12-year, $125 for the 17-year)

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

If your Fathers Day includes Popsicles for the little ones, try a more adult version of a frozen treat for Dad. Jenis Splendid Ice Creams' collection of boozy ice creams uses beer, sake, and whiskey in its collection of four. The Yazoo Sue with Rosemary Bar Nuts uses local Yazoo Brewerys brews to flavor this nutty ice cream, while the Whiskey & Pecan flavor is a mix of Oyo whiskey, salted pecans, butterscotch, honey, coconut, and vanilla. And the Plum Sake sorbet, made with plum-infused sake, is as refreshing as it sounds. Order today to get the fast-track shipment before Fathers Day. ($48 for the package, $12 individually)

Balducci’s Scotch Whisky-Cured Smoked Salmon

Yes, you read that right: scotch soaked right into the meaty salmon filet. The salmon is cured with sea salt, sugar cane, and whisky for a buttery rich taste with a hint of your favorite drink. Pair it with your regular bagel and cream cheese, or with your favorite whisky.  ($45 for 1 pound, $85 for 2.5 pounds)