Kirin’s New Product Is Just One Percent Alcohol

Kirin’s new adult beverage can’t get a person drunk

Kirin's new Butterfly line is only one percent alcohol.

Kirin’s new adult beverage has a fizzy, fruity taste and can theoretically get people drunk, but those people would have to drink barrels of the stuff, because it only has one percent alcohol.

According to Rocket News 24, Kirin decided to produce its new “Butterfly” line because young people in Japan were not drinking as much as older generations. A survey indicated that young people don’t dislike drinking, but they often refrain out of concern for health, hangovers, and being unable to keep a clear head while they engage in work, hobbies, socializing, and more. In an attempt to attract those light drinkers, Kirin decided it would be a good idea to start selling a line of alcoholic beverages that have so little alcohol a person can’t really get drunk off of them.

At one percent alcohol by volume, Butterfly still has enough alcohol to get a person drunk, but a person would have to drink a whole lot very quickly to feel any effects from it.


The Butterfly drinks will be released in convenience stores and grocery stores around Japan on March 10. They come in flavors like Take It Easy!, Apple; Let’s Go! Ginger; and Happy-Go-Lucky Tea.