Kale-Infused Vodka Is Here for Your Drunk Wellness Needs

Alcohol, but make it wellness

A California vodka brand called Ving Vodka is making small-batch kale-infused vodka that is additive- and sugar-free.

It may only be April, but 2018 has proved to be the year of wellness. Fermented foods, high-fiber snacks, and plant-based everything appear to be taking over food and drink trends, and alcohol is no exception. A California vodka brand has caught our eye by selling premium vodka infused with fresh and organic kale, lemon, and cucumber. Has Gwyneth heard the good news?

Not only is Ving Vodka infused with a superfood, it’s locally made, additive-free, sugar-free, fat-free, carb-free, and gluten-free. “When I started VingVodka I was committed to bringing a special, unique vodka and a lifestyle brand to the spirits industry,” Ving’s creator and CEO Flo Vinger writes on the brand’s website.

“I only use the freshest and cleanest, organic kale, lemon, and cucumber from organic certified farms. Myself and my dream team (my Dad and my friends) hand wash and inspect every leaf and vegetable to insure we produce every batch of Ving at the highest quality possible.”

The small-batch “sipping” vodka is only 97 calories per serving and is sure to be a hit with wellness trend newbies and life-long followers in LA, where the brand is currently available — and as well as everywhere else, as it can be ordered online.

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