It Takes A Finnish Village To Make This Vodka

The bespoke cocktail world is booming. But while everyone is throwing back Negronis and sipping on artisanal local whiskies, vodka sales are slipping. Even though strongly flavorful — even bitter — cocktails are in vogue, there's something about a smooth, mixable spirit that lets the other ingredients shine.

Since 1953, local barley (from within 120 miles) and water have been combined at a distillery in Koskenkorva. The vodka has since become perhaps Finland's signature spirit in the time since — to the extent that the tiny village also hosts a museum dedicated to alcohol in Finland, right next door to the distillery.

This Finnish town isn't the only town dedicated to the production of a product. In Italy, Brunello Cucinelli invested in an Umbrian village for the production of his luxurious cashmere clothing.

So say Kippis! with a Finnish vodka in your next Bloody Mary or another quick cocktail.