How to Speak Starbucks and Order Coffee Like a Pro

Starbucks has its own lingo, sometimes a little mysterious. Here's how to decode it.

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Learn Starbucks lingo and order your coffee like a pro.

Starbucks has a killer rewards program, a handy mobile app, and a secret menu. It also has its own language. Whether you’re a Starbucks rookie or a dedicated Gold Level member, there’s one thing you should always know when you go to Starbucks: how to speak the lingo.

How to Speak Starbucks and Order Coffee Like a Pro (Slideshow)

The world of coffee in general has its go-to terms that any regular drinker should know, and Starbucks understands those — but they also go above and beyond. The company's marketing geniuses have invented their own terms, and savvy customers have picked them up.

Of course you don't absolutely need to know how to speak Starbucks in order to get a cup of java there — but learning the terminology will help you become more knowledgeable about coffee in general. Furthermore, some terms used at Starbucks have become common at coffee shops everywhere.

Whether it’s what you want to order (whether from the regular or secret Starbucks menu) or how you want it prepared, here are some terms you should learn before heading out for your next cup of Joe at Starbucks.

Additional reporting by Jess Novak.

Black Eye

This drink is the big brother of the red eye, another drink on our list. A black eye means two shots of espresso in a regular cup of coffee.


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The Drip is a fancier way to say coffee.

A drip is just a regular cup of coffee. To order it, you’ll only have to choose your size, such as venti — as in “Can I have a venti drip?”

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