How to Make Your Own Coffee Ice Cream in 9 Easy Steps

Coffee and ice cream — here's the best of both worlds
coffee ice cream

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We’ve come up with a DIY way to celebrate National Coffee Ice Cream Day.

Who doesn’t love a good food holiday? When one combines two of the day’s best menu items — coffee and ice cream — you can’t help but celebrate. This year, National Coffee Ice Cream Day falls on September 6. Just in time for your Labor Day celebration, the day is all about bringing breakfast and dessert together.

How to Make Your Own Coffee Ice Cream in 10 Easy Steps (Slideshow)

There are differing opinions on how coffee ice cream should taste. Some like it bold and coffee-flavor-forward, while others may prefer a sweet and creamy blend of frozen milk and sugar with a hint of coffee flavor.

Regardless of your opinion on creamy vs. bold, the key for making your own coffee ice cream is choosing a flavorful, premium coffee. Would you use unripe strawberries in a strawberry cheesecake? Same principle.

Prefer less caffeine? Use a decaf blend, but choose one you’d like to drink so that the flavor appeals to you. You will need about half a cup of brewed coffee that has been chilled to make one pint of ice cream.

The only other ingredients you will need are cream, sugar, eggs, whole milk, and vanilla extract. Ideally, you will want to use an ice cream maker, but a high-speed blender and freezer-proof bowl with lid will work as well, although this method takes about five hours. Want your coffee ice cream fix faster? Pour some brewed espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’ve got affogato, the instant Italian treat.

Ready to make your own coffee ice cream? You can in just 10 simple steps.

The below technique makes one quart of ice cream, which is equal to eight half-cup servings.

Freeze Your Bowls

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This is such a simple trick.

For quick mixing and optimum temperature control, be sure to freeze your mixing bowl, attachments, and ice cream freezer bowls before you start making ice cream. Simply place in the freezer for 20 minutes before you start.

Brew Coffee

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Be sure to choose a coffee brand you enjoy.


Brew the coffee and let cool. Once it’s cooled, set it in the fridge to chill for at least 30 minutes. That might sound like a long time to wait, but there is nothing worse than adding hot ingredients to a cold mix.