How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Tea is an important part of many cultures worldwide. In China, a bride and groom will prepare and serve in-laws as a sign of gratitude for acceptance into the family. Talk about pressure. Whether served hot or cold, tea is enjoyed by almost 80 percent of American households. Even more shocking is that during any time of day, 158 million people are drinking tea in America. Tea leaves have been steeped for hundreds of years. Generations have benefited from the antioxidants, weight-loss effects, and great digestive qualities found in the beloved beverage. You may think that making tea is just boiling water, placing a teabag in a mug, waiting a few minutes, and then maybe adding sugar, lemon, honey, or cream. But there is more to the art of brewing than that. Plus, we can't forget the great utensils and  dainty cups, surrounding the craft. Served piping hot or lukewarm, here's a quick guide to making an impeccable cup of tea anytime. 

Know Your Teas

The most popular types of tea are green, white, oolong, black, and herbal. You don't need to buy a fancy brand, but choose according to your taste and desired strength level. 

Boiling and Steeping


Now that you've chosen your tea type, make sure to always use freshly purified water for tea. This goes a long way. The type of tea leaves and how they are processed will dictate how long water should boil. For green, white, and oolong teas, boil for about two to three minutes because these leaves are more delicate. Then steep for the same length of time. However, less sensitive  leaves like black and herbal, need to boil a little longer to bring out more flavor. Steep these teas for about five minutes for full-flavor infusion. When using loose tea, measuring the actual leaves is required. Scoop out one teaspoon of leaves per every six to ounces ounces of water. This ratio can be adjusted up or down depending on how strong you prefer your brew. Want flavored stronger cup of tea? sips? Use less water and steep for a longer time. No measuring needed for tea sachets or bags, but of course the amount of water will influence strength. Only thing left to do now is add any sweeteners, citrus, honey or cream, put your feet up, and savor each perfect sip.