How To Make A Moscow Mule And 8 Twists On This Classic Drink

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How to Make a Moscow Mule and 8 Twists on this Classic Drink Slideshow

Some things just don't catch on. Remember that brief period where we all, without hesitation, started referring to French fries as "Freedom fries"? We certainly wish we could forget. Some recipes should just stick with the original. Luckily for us, the Moscow Mule's open for interpretation. 

The Cup

The copper heiress had the right idea — the metal keeps Mules icy cold, and most argue it also retains the fizziness of the ginger beer. Now major retailers like West Elm and Anthropologie have caught on to the trend. Both stocked Moscow Mule mugs this winter in their gift areas. We agree that the shiny cups are perfect presents and wet bar necessities.

West Elm Moscow Mule Mug – $24

Anthropologie Moscow Mule Mug – $24

You can also find versions available at Pier 1, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon

The Classic

Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow's casual eatery, The Meatball Shop, has New York buzzing about its delicious namesake dish and desserts, but it's the cocktails we're after. The bar menu features a classic Moscow Mule recipe that is refreshing year-round. They've even started selling their branded copper mugs online. 

Click here for the classic Moscow Mule recipe.

Spiced Apple Mule

The hidden, speakeasy-esque Grand Central Station cocktail lounge The Campbell Apartment creates a quintessential fall drink by combining apple and Earl Grey flavors. Infusing the vodka at home is quick, easy, and requires just a few tea bags.

Click here for the Spiced Apple Mule recipe.

Bootleggers Mule

Although the original Moscow Mule was created to popularize vodka, we find that mules taste just as good with a spirit substitution. Swapping for whiskey is typically called a Dublin Mule, but we opt for American Born Moonshine's white-whiskey recipe, the Bootleggers Mule. 

Click here for the Bootleggers Mule recipe.

Strawberry Moscow Mule

Traditionally a summer flavor, strawberry added as a twist to your mule works just as well when you're pining for warm days. Bites of Bri's cocktail is easy to replicate at home, and a good reminder spring's just around the corner.

Click here for the Strawberry Moscow Mule recipe.

Caribbean Mule

The Cuba Libre may very well have been the inspiration for the lime squeeze in a Moscow Mule, so it makes sense that substituting vodka for rum would create a popular mule for the rum-drinker, known as the Havana or Caribbean Mule. We like Ling & Louie's handcrafted version. 

Click here for the Caribbean Mule recipe.

Blueberry Moscow Mule

Blueberry and vodka were meant to be. Which is why we love Sugar and Charm's Blueberry Moscow Mule recipe. Simply follow Eden's directions and you've got a splash of flavor, plus a few antioxidants.

Click here for the Blueberry Moscow Mule Recipe.

London Mule

Gin had its mule-moment when Audrey Saunders of NYC's Pegu Club invented the Gin-Gin Mule. If your preference lies with gin, we recommend trying the simple substitution. Ling & Louie's London Mule adds the cool flavor of cucumber to the mix, perfectly pairing with the gin and lime. 

Click here for the London Mule recipe.

Peach Basil Moscow Mule

Whitney of Little Leopard Book said she was making Peach-Basil Moscow Mule by the pitcher for her Fourth of July party, and with just the right combination of tropical and fresh flavor we can see why — mules were made for entertaining. 

Click here for the Peach Basil Moscow Mule recipe.

Manzanita Mule

Step aside, margarita. If you're a tequila lover, substituting the liquor for vodka is commonly known as a Mexican Mule or Jalisco Mule. Ben Scorah, founder of mixology company Road Soda, shares a cocktail created for an event during Art Basel. The Manzanita Mule combines the kick from ginger beer and tequila with added green-apple zest. 

Click here for the Manzanita Mule recipe.