How to Cheat (and Win) at Every Drinking Game (Slideshow)

Because this is the stuff you need to know

Beer Pong Tip #1

Keep your fingers dry. Boozy fingers = worse throws. 

Beer Pong Tip #2

Distract your opponents with your dazzling good looks — or you know, wave your arms and cause a scene. 

Beer Pong Tip #3 suggests getting a lady friend to distract the other dudes playing — or you know, get the guy’s girl to start flirting with another guy. We can’t totally endorse this, because that’s just mean, but why not. If you're a girl playing, well, use your lady powers anyways.

Beer Pong Tip #4

When taking your shot, the goal is much like darts: "aim small, miss small." Find your own bull’s-eye in your head, and aim for the smaller shot — you might miss the cup, but you’ll likely hit at least one cup.

Beer Pong Tip #5

Slow down on the beer. The drunker you are, the less competent you are at throwing balls and aiming at things. 

Flip Cup Tip #1

Use a smaller amount of beer — don’t waste your time chugging, fool.

Flip Cup Tip #2

The more liquid that’s on the table, the easier it will be for cup to stick to the table, as it will just glide to a stop. So you know, start knocking over drinks and you should be good to go. 

Flip Cup Tip #3

Use two fingers to flip, obviously. 

Flip Cup Tip #3

Lightly, lightly flip the cup in just a 180-flip. Now is not the time to show off your acrobatics. 

Flip Cup Tip #5

Some sources say some players use the "illegal volleyball maneuver" to manually lift the cup off the table. Yep, you’re most likely going to get caught, so prepare to do this only when you’re a bit too drunk to know what you’re doing. 

King's Cup Tip #1

Make up impossible rules that no one will remember or follow.  We recommend these, or these rules to really make the game hard for everyone to follow. 

Flip Cup Tip #2

Uh, don’t start chugging for no reason. 

Flip Cup Tip #3

Play the "ring of fire" rule for King’s Cup, where the cards have to be spread around the cup evenly and stay touching. Once a player pulls a card and the cards aren’t touching, they have to drink. 

Flip Cup Tip #4

Another rule to throw everyone off? The "Break the Seal" rule: every time a person draws a card, they have to stick it under the tab of a can of beer. Forget to do it, or open the beer with your card? Take a drink, and start chugging. 

Flip Cup Tip #5

Start drinking too much, and everyone will eventually be too drunk to understand and get sick of it. Easy.