Hill Farmstead Named Best Brewery in the World (Again)

For the fifth year in a row, this Vermont brewery takes the top spot
The best brewery in the world

Victor S. / Yelp

This cozy brewery houses some of the best beers you'll find anywhere.

What’s the best brewery in the world? Well, if you ask RateBeer, the answer is clear: Hill Farmstead in Greensboro, Vermont. For an astonishing fifth year in a row, this artisanal brewery bested over 34,000 others to win the highly coveted title.

101 Best Beers in America

On January 29, popular beer review site RateBeer revealed its annual list of the Best Breweries in the world, based on reviews, top performing beers, historical performance and the brewer’s range of styles. Hill Farmstead, which was founded in 2010 and specializes in expertly crafted beers named after brewer Shaun Hill’s ancestors, took the top prize. Highlights of their beer roster include the barrel-aged honey saison Ann and the punchy barleywine Abner.

California’s Russian River Brewing, best known for their highly coveted Pliny the Elder and the limited release Pliny the Younger, came in at No. 2 on RateBeer’s list. Trillium Brewing Company out of Boston, Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing, and Treehouse Brewing from Charlton, Massachusetts, round out the top five.


Overall, the United States absolutely dominated RateBeer’s list, with 73 of 100 of the best breweries. The highest-ranked international brewery is Cloudwater Brew Co. from Manchester, England, at No. 14. They are perhaps best known for their ridiculously hopped beers. Luckily, people stateside can find Cloudwater Brew Co.’s beers through collaborations with other breweries such as Trillium and Brooklyn’s Other Half. But even if you can’t get to one of these best breweries in the world, a high-class brew isn’t too far away if you simply seek out the best craft beer in your state.