Here’s Why Whole Milk Is a Bad Idea

Counting calories? Consider a dairy alternative
Whole Milk

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Counting calories? Consider a dairy alternative.

The debate surrounding dairy and how it affects your body seems to be bigger than ever. Some swear by soy milk, while others stick to skim. You could go on and on about which is “better for you” and why, but if there’s one thing for certain, when you’re counting calories, whole milk isn’t your friend.

Whether you believe skim or soy milk is better for you than whole milk will most likely depend on what type of “health issues” you’re referring to. However, if you’re trying to watch your waistline and be wary of how many calories you’re consuming each day, a great place to start is your liquids. Why drink away all of your calories?

In regards to whole milk, here’s your calorie break down: There are 150 calories in each cup of Borden Whole Milk. In a cup of the same brand of skim milk, there’s only 80.

If you don’t usually enjoy milk alone and simply splash it into your coffee, the metrics still apply. Take a couple items off of the Starbucks menu, for example. If you order a Tall Caffé Mocha with whole milk, you’re looking at about 200 calories. However, if you order the same drink and ask for soy or nonfat milk instead, it’s only 180 calories.

When comparing different types of milk, it is important to take note of what aspects of health you value. If you’re trying to stay wary of hormones in your food, it’s worth looking into the ingredients of soy milk before you drink it. If you’re slowly weaning off of sugar, stay away from skim. If you’re strictly counting calories, whole milk isn’t the best idea.