Here's Why Obama Pressed The Red Button Inside The Oval Office

The red button atop the desk of the Oval Office has long been speculated to launch a nuclear attack. While that's not the case, the button does summon an aide whenever a president needs something. Earlier this year, we learned that Donald Trump uses his for on-demand Coca-Cola. Now, it's been revealed that Barack Obama used his button for something a little healthier — tea.

The Huffington Post reports that Obama shared this detail at a luncheon with billionaire Richard Branson, who writes about it in his new autobiography Finding My Virginity.

"As we stood up to leave [the Oval Office] I noticed the red buttons on his desk. Obama saw me looking at them," Branson wrote in his book. "He said, 'They used to be there for emergencies, but now I use them for ordering tea for my guests.'"

Forty-four's love for tea is no secret. In fact, his favorite kind is Honest Tea's Black Forest Berry, which staffers always made sure to have on hand. This beverage selection proves quite opposite of the current president's dietary choices. You can find all that and more in the different eating habits of Presidents Obama and Trump.