'Hamilton' Stars Give Founding Fathers-Inspired Wines A Shot — Are They Revolutionary?

Have you heard of this little musical about the Founding Fathers, currently onstage in Chicago? You know, that one with the song about taking your shot? Or something?

Yeah, "Hamilton." That's it — sounds like a blast.

Kidding aside, "Hamilton" is the hottest ticket in town, with shows sold out months in advance and lines at the box office every day of the week. For some of us, it's hard to look at social media when friends or family show off their Playbill or, even worse, their killer seats, without feeling full-body envy.

"How do I get a piece of that?" you may ask. Thanks to a local wine company, you can — in a glass at least.

Lake Bluff-based Terlato Wine Group is behind The Federalist, a series of wines paying homage to the Founding Fathers, like our boy Alexander Hamilton. Sourced from all over California, including Dry Creek Valley, Lodi and Mendocino, the seven Federalist-branded wines are patriotically emblazoned with images of Hamilton, George Washington and Lady Liberty. In a stroke of wine-pairing genius, Federalist wines are sold at both Chicago and New York stagings of the hit musical — inextricably tying the brand to the play and propelling the brand's growth over the past few years, as previously reported by the Tribune. Though the jury is still out on how show sales have helped with popular consciousness, there's no denying the tie-in is a boon for the brand.

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