Hair of the Dog Hangover Cures

Cure your hangover with these cocktails
Bloody Mary


The best way to cure your hangover is to bite the dog that bit you.

If there’s anything that will keep you from going out, it’s trying to avoid the hangover you’ll feel the morning after. There’s no arguing that hangovers are the absolute worst, and sometimes, you’ll do just about anything to power through one.

When you’re feeling sick from alcohol, the last thing you want to do is drink more. Nevertheless, some people swear by it. Haven’t you ever heard of the “hair of the dog” hangover cure?

When we say drink more, you don’t have to get drunk. We simply mean sipping on a cocktail to ease the pain. So, here are three hair of the dog recipes that will knock the hangover right out of you.

Classic Mimosa

When you first open your eyes the morning after a long night and you realize you’re hungover, two things come to mind: first, water. Then, brunch. Brunch is ideal for hangovers because all of the best remedies (eggs, bacon, waffles, hash browns), are served. A classic mimosa is the perfect way to make your brunch boozy, yet refreshing.
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Bloody Mary

New Year’s Day is (naturally) also National Bloody Mary Day, and there’s a reason for that. Most Bloody Marys include vodka, Bloody Mary mix (or tomato juice), a handful of spices, and a unique garnish, making it a perfect hair of the dog recipe. If you’re going for the true cure, seek a restaurant that offers bacon as a garnish. Trust us, it works.

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Pelo del Perro

The grapefruit juice in this beverage provides vitamin C, the agave nectar adds natural fructose, and the powdered gelatin will wake you up and keep you productive, no matter how bad you feel. This is the ultimate morning after recipe.


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