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Great American Beer Festival 2020 Is Canceled, Announces New Virtual Dates

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All across America, festivals have been rescheduled or canceled altogether because of the national spread of coronavirus. For music, film and entertainment lovers, festival reschedulings have equated to canceled flights, a loss of funds and disappointment. Some festivals — like the Tribeca Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival — have taken their endeavors online, launching free online film festivals to boost participants' spirits and show all is not lost in the age of COVID-19. The latest to join this list is the Great American Beer Festival. The nation's favorite beer festival and competition is going virtual. 

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Beer lovers won't be able to gather for the Great American Beer Festival this year. Originally scheduled to take place in Denver Sept. 24-26, the festival will now be an immersive online experience on Friday, Oct. 16 and Saturday, Oct. 17. 

The new virtual festival will still aim to bring beer lovers across the nation together to celebrate the craft beer community. This year's festivities are still in the works, but beer tastings, conversations with brewers, local brewery activations and at-home beer and food pairing deliveries are likely. 


And for those who want to display their beer craftsmanship, a panel of over 100 professional judges will evaluate entries to determine the best three beers around the world that represent brewing excellence. Brewery registration begins on June 9. Summer festivals aren't the only thing missed across the country. This is what restaurant diners miss the most during quarantine.