Funniest Starbucks Name Fails

Does your coffee shop flirtation leave you hopped-up on more than caffeine?


Flickr User bookchiq says: "Exotic Name? No, John just had a cold and the Starbucks employee didn't think it through overmuch."


Flickr User thirtyseven says: "My @starbucks name today? QUEEN HELENE"


Flickr User Tristen.Pelton says: "Starbucks keeps failing at spelling my name."

Robyn and Mat

Flickr User MatHampson says: "Robyn and Mat. Easy to know you've got it right because they're actually names, unlike either of those attempts."


Flickr User Real Buried Treasure says: "I am..."


Flickr User farrelley says: "Starbucks Name"


Flickr User Jessica Watkins DeWinter says: "This NEVER happens with my boring, ubiquitous old name. On a side note, seeing this cup sort of startled me: when I was in high school there was a girl with the same first and last name as me, and she began spelling her name "Jess-ca" just to distinguish herself from me. She killed herself a few years later, and I still run into people from time to time in my hometown who saw the obituary and thought I'd been dead this whole time. But I digress."


Flickr User Jekinthebox says: "no, they're not both for me...starbucks double shot...good stuff...yeah, i know...." 


Flickr User srharris says: "My Starbuck's name." 


Flickr User Roshan Vyas says: "I always say 'ro' when they ask my name at starbucks since its easier to understand than roshan. Obviously I need a new fake name since this is causing just as much confusion. Although I really don't think I'm the first guy to go to a san Francisco starbucks and say my name is rogue :)" 


Flickr User ilovemypit says: "Well, that's one way to spell my name." 


Flickr User Neil T says: "If I had a pound for every time someone spelled my name like this, I'd be a rich man." 


Flickr User MightyKenny says: "That's not my name at all." 


Flickr User hayley.bailey says: "It makes me way too happy to use my name at Starbucks. Someone else wanted them to call him Mr Happy." 


Flickr User s.yume says: "I've come to the conclusion 'Kelvin' must be insanely famous in China. Literally every single person from China that I've ever known in Canada has added an "L" to my name for no apparent reason. I never really thought too much of it, but then when I actually went to China, it started happening again. I'm known as Kelvin, called Kelvin, my name is, without fail, written as Kelvin. So, I can only deduce that somebody in China named Kelvin is extraordinarily famous." 


Flickr User Remco Dekker says: "This is what the starbucks people write on my cup of coffee when i said 'Remco', Only the 'R' is the same." 


Flickr User BenLucier says: "The barista at Liberty Village @starbucks wrote McLovin' as the name on my Americano misto today. #Superbad"