Flowers With A Twist In The City Of Fair Winds (Slideshow)

Floreria Atlantico

Floreria Atlantico's upstairs flower and wine shop is located on 'one of the most beautiful streets in Buenos Aires,' said co-founder Tato Giovannoni.

Making Merry

The Friday night scene at Floreria Atlantico is vibrant. "I like to see people happy — eating, drinking, enjoying the concept," said Tato Giovannoni."

Floreria Atlantico Chichibirra

"Chichibirra" is made with Limoncello, ginger ale, red berries, and the local white wine varietal, Torrontés. Try the version at Malbec House in Manhattan, made with Sauvignon Blanc.

Floreria Atlantico Veniziano

"Veniziano" is a refreshing concoction of Pinot Grigio, Aperol, watermelon, cucumber, and prosecco. Try Malbec House's version, "Spritz Del Tano," with Campari, watermelon juice, and sparkling wine.  

Tato's Gin

Tato's Principe de los Postoles Mate gin with Yerba Mate, eucalyptus, peppermint, and pink grapefruit.