Five American Beverages To Be Thankful For

As Thanksgiving rolls around to kick off the holiday season, the eternal question appears once again: what to pair with the ultimate American feast? Good news: turkey, being a fairly neutral meat, lends itself to a wide range of options. Rather than fretting about "perfect pairings," why not focus on some of our favorite American beverages instead?

While there are hundreds of American beverages to be thankful for, we couldn't possibly list (or drink) them all at once, so here are five of our favorites. Whether the mood calls for wine or bubbly, beer or cider, these fermented drinks deserve a place on your Thanksgiving table.

NV Salinia "Twenty-Five Reasons," Mendocino, Calif. $21.99

Rather than the traditional bubbly, try this dry sauvignon blanc-based pétillant naturel from California. Bottled without filtration after extended skin contact, Twenty-Five Reasons has bright acidity and tons of texture with flavors of citrus, peach skin, and lots of earthy mineral notes.

2013 Massican "Annia," Napa Valley, Calif. $27.99

One of the great things about American winemakers is their pursuit of the new and interesting, as is evidenced in this blend from Dan Petroski. Three varieties from Friuli in Italy combine to produce a wine that is bright yet round, savory yet fruity, all at once. Exotic citrus meets mineral earthy notes and a slight nutty quality in this intense, complex juice. The flavors just keep unrolling, so don't expect guests to put down their glasses anytime soon.

2012 Montinore Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Ore. $17.99

Pinot noir is a classic Thanksgiving pairing, and there's a good reason for that. This bottling from Montinore Estate evokes the holiday itself: tart cherry and cranberry meet rustic, earthy flavors, coming together to make a mouth-watering, easy-drinking wine.

NV Slyboro "Hidden Star" Cider, Hudson Valley, N.Y. $14.99

If apple pie is the most American dessert, then cider is the most American beverage. Slyboro's semi-dry, sparkling "Hidden Star" is just delicious, tasting of fresh, tart apples and sweet baking spices, almost like apple pie in a glass.

NV Stone Brewing Coffee Milk Stout, San Diego, Calif. $10.99 per six-pack

Though this brew by Stone Brewing is inspired by traditional English milk stouts, it's also characteristic of its San Diego-based brewery. Lighter than most of the brew houses creations, the Coffee Milk Stout is smooth and easily drinkable, with flavors of cocoa and bitter coffee beans. Well-balanced, the brew isn't one of those stomach-turning, overly sweet stouts.