Firewater: 11 High-Proof Spirits

It's not your imagination: Your drink may actually be getting stronger.

While 80-proof spirits have become pretty standard, some brands are kicking up the heat and going to 100-proof and above. These potent bottlings aren't just a show of force but are also prized by top bartenders like advisory board member Dushan Zaric, since they have more flavor and stand up better in cocktails. (You can read Zaric's whole argument here.)

So check out our list of high-octane spirits, which are all at least 100-proof and will add a little extra oomph to your drinks. Cheers!

Booker's Bourbon

In 1988, Frederick Booker Noe II, grandson of the legendary Jim Beam, created this bottling, one of the first small-batch bourbons. The complex whiskey is aged for up to eight years and bottled straight from the barrel. Uncut and unfiltered, it packs a serious punch, with a proof ranging from 121 to 127.

Perry's Tot Navy-Strength Gin

Perry's Tot, which was created by advisory board member Allen Katz, is in the fashion of British navy-strength gin. (The liquor on warships had to be at least 114-proof, because gunpowder won't ignite if weaker liquor than that spills on it.) The name is in keeping with the nautical theme: Commodore Matthew C. Perry served in the US Navy from the War of 1812 through the late 1850s, and "tot" was the measurement of alcohol formerly given to British sailors each day.

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