Exploring Avant-Garde Cuisine in Ibiza (Slideshow)


One of the Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

At $2,000 per person, an evening at Sublimotion is well worth eating ramen for the rest of the year to save up for the experience. The restaurant serves only 12 guests per night, allowing the chef and servers to focus on making the 20-course meal absolutely perfect. 

A Multi-sensory Experience

Each course at Sublimotion is accompanied by a carefully curated soundtrack and hyper-real images projected on the table and walls. Your journey can take you all over the world, from a secluded forest, to a club, to the center of the earth, and beyond.

Olive Oil, Elevated

Paco Roncero demonstrates his love of olive oil, presenting it creatively at Sublimotion in clear packets made of sugar. The traditional ingredient paired with sweetness is unexpectedly delightful, while the bizarre visual presentation encourages conversation among guests.

Molecular Gastronomy at Work in Ibiza

Roncero, the chef behind Ibiza’s food revolution, is well versed in molecular gastronomy. He uses liquid nitrogen to create new textures and shapes, reinventing traditional ingredients and recipes.

Fresh Fruit Goes From Squish to Crunch

Here, fresh raspberries have received a modern treatment, dropped in liquid nitrogen to give them a soft crunch. The crumbles can be enjoyed on their own or as a flavorful, colorful topping.

A Modern Take on the Spanish Taverna

Modern yet inviting, Estado Puro at the Hard Rock Hotel sets guests’ expectations for a meal that will combine traditional ingredients with avant-garde techniques. Be sure to read the signs on the walls for a fun lesson in Spanish idioms.

Play With Your Food

One of Roncero’s goals is to create an interactive eating experience. This pasta achieves that goal for diners at Estado Puro in Ibiza. If you order this soup, you’ll be given some liquid nitrogen and a syringe of olive oil and mayonnaise that allows you to make your own pasta to drop into a bowl of warm, seasoned broth.

The Deconstructed, Reconstructed Olive

Chef Roncero loves to surprise people. That’s why he created a new olive. First, olives are liquefied. Then drops of the juice are plopped into liquid nitrogen, hardening the outside while leaving a liquid interior. Finally, the new ‘olives’ are marinated in spices. The result looks like a regular olive, creating a big surprise when it pops your mouth.

The 21st Century Tortilla de Patatas

The tortilla de patatas, or Spanish omelette, has a whole new look at Estado Puro. While the ingredients remain the same — sautéed onions, egg, and potato — the latter two ingredients are reinvented as a foam here, for a warm, surprisingly delightful creation with all the comfort and flavor of the original recipe.

Simply Salmon and Fruit

Even the most inventive chefs know that sometimes it’s best to leave things simple. Here, chef Paco Roncero lets fresh salmon, fruit, and microgreens speak for themselves. Also left un-modernized on Estado Puro’s menu are the croquetas de jamón, which are perfectly stuffed and fried.