Even Mountain Dew Executives Don’t Know What Color Their Soda Is

What color is Mountain Dew? One all its own, if you ask its vice president of marketing

Perhaps one day the English language will evolve to be able to describe the countenance of Mountain Dew.

In a revealing interview with the executives at Mountain Dew, BuzzFeed learned something interesting about the inner workings of the soda company behind one of the most recognizable and visually arresting beverages in the world — even the executives don’t know what to call the color of Mountain Dew.

“We don’t try to say what color the product is internally,” Greg Lyons, vice president of marketing at Mountain Dew, told BuzzFeed News. When pressed for details, Lyons would only refer to the iridescent glow of the soda as “Mountain Dew color.”

When asked to try again, Lyons offered “neon,” though he insisted, “that’s if you’re forcing me to describe it.”


Left up to the company, however, Mountain Dew would prefer that we think of this particular drink as beyond color, if possible. “I’d prefer, if you write about it, it to be Mountain Dew color. Because there’s not really a color we call it.”