Eight Sparklers For The Holidays

If all the talk we hear is of sparkling wines, can the winter holidays be far behind? No matter how much we talk about sparkling wines pairing well with food all year around, most of the bubbly sales come at the end of each year when people are celebrating.

Here are eight from the U.S. and Italy that provide a variety of flavors and styles.

NV Adami "Bosca di Gica" Valdobbiadene prosecco superiore ($19) 

Lots of mousse, very creamy, almond notes, firm finish, long aftertaste — typical high-quality Adami.

NV J "Cuvéee 20" Sonoma County sparkling wine ($23)

Pleasantly pungent vegetal aromas and flavors blend in with the nice fruitiness. Crisp and refreshing — an ideal wine with charcuterie and giardiniera.

NV J Russian River brut rosé ($33)

Lots of tin-cup minerality with light cherry notes, crisp acidity, and light tannins.

NV Gloria Ferrer "blanc de blanc" Carneros sparkling wine ($19)

A crisp, clean wine with lots of lemon and cream and notes of toasted nuts in the finish.

NV Gloria Ferrer Sonoma brut ($19)

A fuller and firmer bubbly with some notes of nuttiness and toasty oxidation, perhaps from addition of reserve wines.

NV Gloria Ferrer "blanc de noirs" Carneros sparkling wine ($19)

Firmer, with cherry notes, lots of mousse, tight structure and light tannins — a big wine, good with roasted birds.

NV Gloria Ferrer "VA de VI" ($20)

A little muscat has been blended in with the chardonnay and pinot noir, but it's not dominating. Altogether, another firm and full sparkler.

NV Lamberti rosé extra dry Veneto spumante ($14)

A touch sweet-talking, with light cherry-juice tastes and a hint of mustiness.