Easter Brunch Cocktails (Slideshow)

Perfect cocktails to sip after your Easter egg hunt

Bacon, Eggs & French Toast Martini

Did you know you could make an entire breakfast deliciously inside one cocktail? Now's your chance.

Click here to see our Bacon, Eggs & French Toast Martini Recipe.

Classic Mimosa


There’s a reason everyone from your great aunt to your best friend adore this classic brunch drink. Balanced, bubbly, and in an elegant tall glass.

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Chocolate Crème Egg Cocktail


Can’t get enough of those Cadbury crème eggs? Our cocktail may seem a little decadent for brunch, but so is eating a whole handful of jellybeans before 10:30 a.m., and if you’re anything like us, you’re doing that, too.

Click here to see our Chocolate Crème Egg Cocktail Recipe.

Delicious Sour

An egg-based cocktail isn't just thematically appropriate for the occasion, it also makes cocktails light and fluffy — just like a meringue.

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The Hummingbird


Floral, light, and ideal for spring weather.

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A classic, gentle twist on a mimosa, this drink substitutes peach nectar. Some people use schnapps instead, but that’s a travesty. 

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Hunt and Gather

This one may take a litte extra effort, but the silkiness of this cocktail is well worth it. 

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