Dunkin' Introduces Trefoils Shortbread Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Coffee

Available for a limited time

Dunkin' Donuts is releasing a Girl Scout Trefoils cookie-inspired coffee that is supposed to taste like the sweet and buttery shortbread it's named for.

Girl Scout cookie-inspired coffee is back at Dunkin’ Donuts, and this time there’s a new flavor. It may have only been your grandmother’s favorite Girl Scout cookie (or your infant sibling's), but Dunkin’ has created a Trefoils coffee flavor inspired by the classic shortbread.

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In a press release for the chain, the coffee flavor is described as sweet and buttery, like a Trefoils cookie — and it's already been proven that butter and coffee are a winning combination. Unlike the very plain classic Girl Scout cookie, Trefoils coffee looks to be topped with caramel.

Dunkin’ is also bringing back its Samoa inspired–coconut caramel coffee and Thin Mints coffee flavors. All Girl Scout cookie coffees will be available from the end of December through spring 2019 at Dunkin’ locations nationwide.


In the past, Dunkin’ has offered coffees inspired by peanut butter cookies like the Girl Scouts’ Do-si-dos, which we happen to think are among the best Girl Scout cookies ever. Trying to quit coffee in the new year? We think that’s a mistake. Here are 14 reasons you should actually drink more coffee.