Drinks Gift Guide For Guys (Slideshow)

Christmas gifts for every man on your list

The Hipster

All the cool kids are infusing their own gin these days, didn’t you know? If the hipster in your life hasn’t already gotten in on the mini-micro-distillery action, this is a great way to introduce them to the cool new thing. My prediction: gin infusion will be more fashionable than either pickling or putting a bird on it in 2014. The Homemade Gin Kit is a great starting point — consider adding on their cinnamon-y Christmas blend!

The Science Lover

Whether he earned a PhD in physics or just follows IFL Science obsessively, your favorite science-obsessed dude will love playing with the Cocktail R-Evolution molecular mixology kit from Molecule-r. This set will enable him to explore texturing agents like spherification, suspension, and emulsification so that he can deconstruct a variety of cocktails, without investing in a whole slew of insanely expensive molecular gastronomy equipment

The Purist

He wears a tailored peacoat, his haircut has been the same since prep school, and he thinks auto-tune is the worst thing to happen in the history of music. The man is fastidious, so you can’t expect him to allow his whiskey to get watered down. Enter whiskey stones — after they’ve been chilled, these soapstone cubes will keep his drink cold and won’t scratch his glassware. Perfect. 

The Classic Gentleman

He admits that Don Draper is his style icon, but he’s significantly better behaved — for Valentine’s Day, he presented you with a dozen red roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. This guy deserves a bottle as elegant and classic as his personal style: a bottle of Lagavulin Scotch should play a starring role in this gentleman’s bar. 

The Design Aficionado

Does he covet Eames chairs and have strong opinions on "issues" like fonts? If an original Le Corbusier isn’t a viable option for you this year, design is actually in your reach with this supremely elegant MoMA decanter, a perfect blend of form and function. 

The Lit Nerd

While it’s widely acknowledged that many famous writers have been great drinkers, a lesser-known fact is that this tendency toward overindulgence is equally true of most English majors. Present him with this set of shot glasses featuring portraits and quotations by his favorite literary lushes, and you may inspire him to start that novel — or to just knock back another shot. 

The Sports Fan

He owns at least one unwashed article of "lucky" clothing and he never misses a game. If your guy has ever voluntarily painted his face team colors, it’s a good chance he’ll take serious joy in this football-themed table devoted exclusively to beer pong. This table bespeaks dedication. This is serious pong: pro-level pong

The Geek

If he owns dice with more than six sides, chances are he’ll appreciate the "frak" out of a Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Pint Glass. Pour a cold pint of ale, and the Tardis magically materializes; this gift is cool enough to make an angel weep. We’re talking bow-tie level cool.  

The Coffee Connoisseur

If coffee can be described less accurately as your man’s "morning pick-me-up" and more as his "passion," this fully stocked Chemist Brew Kit will bring a tear of joy to his eye. Packed with a bounty of incredibly precise tools and Stumptown’s famously delicious Hair Bender grind, this gift is sure to give him a jolt.