Drinks of 3 Presidential Candidates

Hey, they’ve got to get through the campaign somehow
Canidates Drinking

GETTY + AP PHOTO, Carolyn Kaster

If you ever wondered what some of the 2016 presidential candidates’ drinks of choice are, you’re in luck.

Alcohol has always been a part of American politics. In fact, many would go as far as saying that in some ways, alcohol has shaped American history.

Susan Cheever, author of Drinking In America: Our Secret History, reports that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth rock because they were about to run out of beer. Also, alcohol helped fuel the exploits of Ethan Allen during the American Revolution and Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War. With that, it’s no surprise that the 2016 presidential candidates are still tossing ‘em back in honor of the beloved red, white, and blue.

Read on for a look at three drinking preferences for some of this year’s most well-known candidates.

Donald Trump: Vodka

Trump Vodka, in particular. For all we know, Donald Trump’s drink of choice is whiskey on the rocks, or something of the sort. But knowing him, it’s only fair to assume that he tells the public that his favorite drink is his own brand. (He is also seen promoting at various press events.) Understandable, though, for if you’re a candidate caught sipping liquor on the rocks at presidential campaign, the fact that it’s your own brand is a pretty good excuse to keep on sippin’.

Hillary Clinton: Crown Royal Whisky

If you predicted that Hillary is most often spotted sipping on a glass of pinot noir with her pinky out, you’re mistaken. In 2008, photographer Carolyn Kaster snapped Hillary Clinton eyeing a shot of Crown Royal whisky at a campaign stop. Oh, Hillary… You’re so unpredictable!

Jeb Bush: Beer

Considering the man’s last name is Bush, it would only make sense to have his drink of choice be beer, right? Like Busch? No? OK, but Town and Country reports the former governor of Florida did not hesitate to make a public speech among the kegs, cases, and Solo Cups at Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe, Arizona, earlier in the year.

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