Drinking Healthy 101: Smoothies, Shakes, And Blender Juices (Slideshow)

Earthbound Farm

This company recently launched Smoothie Kickstarts, which provide the perfect proportions of organic fruits and veggies to make smoothies and shakes — just add juice, yogurt, or milk.

Green Star Elite by Tribest

This claims to be only juicer on the market that mirrors what our body does naturally to protect the most delicate of vital nutrients and extract maximum nutrition. Its technology helps the juice last up to 72 hours in the fridge.

Acai Roots

This company has a great line of products that are a perfect addition to any shake or smoothie as the juice liquid to add. Acai Pome Blue packs a powerful punch of acai, pomegranate and blueberry. 

Omega Blender

The TF6064S is perfect for making the best shakes and smoothies. It has a variable speed with a timer and pulse and infinity controls so the need for a plunger to push ingredients closer to the blade is no longer needed. 


Another brand we're loving. The Designer 725 has a gorgeous full-text LCD screen that features a 100-speed touch screen slider that changes motor and pulse speed with the swipe of a finger. 


By freeze-drying the juices of fresh fruits and veggies into a water-soluble powder, just one tablespoon of Harvest Boost daily juice powder contains about one pound of fruits and vegetables.

Educate Yourself

There are so many books and movies out on the market so you can read more about the benefits of shakes, smoothies and juices. Farnoosh Brock has two great books for any first timers, The Healthy Juicer's Bible and The Healthy Smoothie Bible.

Make Your Own Juice Cleanse

Want to try a healthful juice cleanse but don't want to break the bank donig it by buying outrageous $10 juices at the local shop? Check out our article Juice Cleanses You Can DIY Cheaply At Home to learn how to make great, affordable juice yourself.