The Dirty Lies Your Brain Tells You When You're Drunk

Once you’re playing mind games with yourself, there’s no turning back
The Dirty Lies Your Brain Tells You When You're Drunk


It’s a shame most of these aren’t true.

Have you ever swigged down a couple of beers or shots, only to find you’re acting like a completely different person moments later? It’s no secret that a long night of drinking has the ability to make us do things we wouldn’t normally do, say things we wouldn’t normally say, and most importantly, think things we wouldn’t normally think.

We’re all guilty of it — looking in the mirror and thinking, “Wow, I look good!” or spending an excessive amount of money we simply don’t have on alcohol.

Thankfully (or hopefully, for that matter), situations like this aren’t part of our everyday routine. Our brain tells us something, and we listen. Nevertheless, once we’ve had a few too many and our brain gets confused, we still listen. This causes some issues.

Here’s three dirty lies your brain tells you when you’re drunk.

You Look Good

It’s a shame you spend all of that time getting ready before going out, because by the middle of the night, it doesn’t matter. Your makeup comes off, you’re sweating everywhere, and your clothes become covered in stains. If you were sober, you would deal with it and pull yourself together. If you’re drunk, you’ll take one look in the mirror and admire how amazing you look, then feel extremely embarrassed when you see photos of yourself the morning after.

You’re Rich!

If you’ve ever woken up to a banking statement that’s flashing red, you’re not alone. When you’re sober, you think deeply about what you’re spending your hard-earned money on. But after you’ve had a few, it’s as if your wallet is a bottomless pit.

You’re Starving


No, you’re actually not. That hungry feeling is stemming from the empty calories that comes with drinking alcohol. We can tell you that you don’t need the food you’re craving all we want, but when you’re drinking, your brain reassures you that you need it.