Demours Coffee Seeks To Change The Way America Sources Coffee (Slideshow)

Demours Coffee wants to change America's and the world's coffee-consuming experience by bringing the best of the best coffee beans from across the globe into our cups.

CEO Jennifer Stone

Founder and CEO Jennifer Stone hand selects each batch of coffee beans. Stone visits each estate and forms relationships with the producers.

Café Privé Sélect

Demours Café Privé Sélect is the only coffee brand that sources only the finest and rarest coffee beans around the world.

Brewed With Care

Using the pour over method, CEO Jennifer Stone, demonstrates the ritual of brewing fine coffee to bring out the most flavor.

Exclusive Tasting

The Daily Meal tasted coffee selections from Panama, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Coffee Accessories

Demours sells an array of coffee accessories specifically designed to brew the optimum cup such as a scale, grinder, and pour over brewer.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Each box of Demours coffee comes with brewing instructions and a certificate of authenticity. Only a limited number of boxes are available for each selection.