Demours Coffee Seeks to Change the Way America Sources Coffee

CEO Jennifer Stone Gave The Daily Meal a Special Tasting Preview of the Top Coffee Beans From Around the World
Aurelie Jouan

CEO Jennifer Stone first became interested in the art and culture of coffee while studying abroad in Spain

Most Americans grab coffee from the closest chain on their way to work, or hastily brew generic beans without much thought to what they’re drinking.

Demours Coffee wants to change America’s and the world’s coffee-consuming experience by bringing the best of the best coffee beans from across the globe into our cups.

CEO Jennifer Stone first became interested in the art and culture of coffee while studying abroad in Spain. She fell in love with the country’s café culture, defined by meaningful conversation enjoyed over a cup of intimately brewed coffee, and has since devoted her life to the search for the best and rarest coffee beans.  Soon after, she began her quest for finding and bringing the finest and rarest coffee beans to her customers.  This ultimately led to her creation of the Demours brand.  Today, she hand picks only the best beans for each of Demours’ selections, all the while, meeting and forging deep relationships with growers all over the world.

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Ms. Stone, who is a top 100 licensed Q Grader and Cup of Excellence judge, says no other company sources only the most rare (top one percent of the top one percent, as Stone puts it) coffee beans, and it definitely reflects in aroma and taste. We had the chance to sample a few of the coffee selections, and let’s just say they weren’t anything like Folgers, or really anything we’ve put in our paper filters at home. We sampled selections from Kenya, Panama, and Ethiopia; each selection contained an array of distinct notes from apricot to berry, chocolate to banana.

Demours recommends its coffee be brewed, most preferably, via the pour-over method and if not possible with a French press, pour-over, or as espresso to better capture the desired flavors. Ms. Stone said she believes Americans could learn from Europeans, who take tea time seriously.  She says coffee can be just as carefully prepared and thoroughly enjoyed as a hot tea or even a specialty wine.

Demours Café Prive Select coffees range from $78—$84 per 9.7 ounce, which comes out to $4-$6 a cup (not that much more than a drink at your local Starbucks). Each package comes with a certificate of authenticity detailing how many limited-edition boxes were produced, further delineating itself from your average cup of Joe.