Deep Eddy Fruit-Based Vodkas From The Heart Of Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas, North Austin to be exact, lies Deep Eddy, the Lone Star's oldest swimming pool. Deep Eddy is also the name of a super smooth artisan Austin-made vodka.

In addition to their regular non-flavored vodka, I tasted their Sweet Tea, Ruby Red, Lemon, and Cranberry infusions. I was so impressed with the fruit vodkas that I couldn't bring myself to mix them with anything else.

Sure Deep Eddy has recipe suggestions but each sip bordered on thirst fresh squeezed grapefruit aroma or tart lemon juice with the requisite vodka kick. Perfect for sipping straight up as a refreshing aperitif before a lavish meal or simply on its own on the patio!

As Deep Eddy co-founder and CEO Clayton Christopher points out, "Flavored vodkas are all clear. Fruit is not clear. If you're using the real thing, it's not clear. That's why Deep Eddy fruit flavored vodkas are pink yellow and red."

Deep Eddy's distinct flavor comes from being distilled 10 times and infused with fruits sourced from where they're grown best like cranberry bogs in Massachusetts and Rio Red grapefruits from Rio Grande Valley citrus in Texas. The base vodka is made with Texas-sourced corn. The result is an aroma so intensely fruity and fresh, it pops right out the neck of the bottle when you unscrew the cap.

I'm convinced that this along with the bottle label's vintage pin-up girls taken from decades-old Deep Eddy pool advertisements were the deciding factors in winning it a gold medal in the flavored vodka category at last year's 13th Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Photo courtesy of Steve Mirsky. Coverage made possible by participating in a sponsored tasting.