Dairy Queen's Secret Menu Drinks (Slideshow)

Blue Raspberry Freeze

The Blue Raspberry Misty® Slush is a tart/sweet frozen drink that's pretty delicious on its own, but ask your server to add a little of DQ's famous soft serve, and you've got a surprisingly tasty dessert. 

Frozen Hot Chocolate

It's like a chocolate shake, but so, so much better. Cocoa fudge (a thick, chocolate syrup-like mixture) is combined with slushy base and then blended with vanilla soft serve to give your favorite wintertime drink a summery makeover. 

Mint Shake

This shake isn't on the menu, but a lot of DQs keep it in stock all the same. It's like the popular shamrock shake at McDonald's, only you'll feel like you're in a secret club when you're slurping it. 

Mint Chocolate Shake

Speaking of Mickey D's, if you love their off-menu leprechaun shake, politely ask your server to blend a little chocolate syrup into your mint shake. Double secret menu! 


Most DQs serve Coke, Pepsi, and root beer, so pick your flavor and ask nicely if they'll blend in a little ice cream. Voila, a float just like you had when you were a kid. 

Peanut Butter & Jelly Shake

If you love the off-menu peanut butter and jelly Blizzard, why not try the same old-school goodness in a shake? DQ already offers peanut butter shakes; just ask them to mix some fruit topping in as well. You'll feel like you're back at story hour snack time. 

Dairy-Free Smoothie

Don't let lactose intolerance keep you away just because "Dairy" is right there in the restaurant's name. All of their smoothies can be made with an ice-based mixture. 

Banana Split Shake

Because who really wants to get a fork involved with their ice cream? Get a banana shake then ask your serve to add chocolate and caramel sauce as well as some fruit topping. Finish it with some whipped cream, and you've got yourself a user-friendly banana split.