This Craft Beer Was Created Using Social Media, ‘Brewed by Data,’ and It Tastes Like Love and Joy

0101, a craft beer made with help from IBM’s Watson, tastes like joy, love, intellect, and optimism
This Craft Beer Was Created Using Social Media, ‘Brewed by Data,’ and It Tastes Like Love and Joy

Havas Helia 

The rare brew is a ‘fine tasting cream ale’ that is meant to taste the way that the thrill of the new year feels. 

A new craft beer from Havas Helia, a British marketing agency that uses “data, technology, intuition, and creativity” to connect consumers and brands, was created by collecting data from thousands of social media posts over the last several weeks, and is meant to taste like happiness and joy.

Havas Helia, which is not a brewery by any means, set out to create a recipe for beer towards the end of 2015 that would capture the thrill and excitement that comes with entering a new year. To do that, the company analyzed thousands of social media posts for “emotional keywords,” and compared them to a set of 24 predefined emotional states.

Havas then identified 38 emotions that were clearly tied to the start of a new year — like “love, joy, harmony, cheerfulness, optimism, resolution, and excitement.”

From there, the team turned to Watson — the IBM supercomputer that’s just as useful in the kitchen as it is consulting physicians on the best course of treatment for cancer patients — and tasked it with finding the ideal recipe, from a pool of 2,800, that met the criteria for Havas’ set ingredients and tasting notes. Watson’s Personality Insights tool was then used to assign each recipe its own emotional keyword, like “assertive,” “friendly,” or “intelligent.”

Based on Watson’s findings, the Havas team picked the top 10 beers that were deemed closest to those 38 emotions linked to a new year, and isolated the most common ingredients from those 10 picks.

From there, the ultimate New Year’s beer was born: a “fine tasting cream ale” from English microbrewery High Peak Brew Co., called “0101.”

High Peak only brewed 500 bottles of the joyful brew so you won’t find it in a bar anytime soon — but if you’d like the chance to try the incredibly rare 0101, you can share their story on Twitter.

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