Cocktail of the Month: The Grace Street Martini at The Rye Bar

A refreshing spin on the classic drink from a partnership between Rosewood Washington, D.C. and Grace Street Coffee

The Grace Street Martini.

Is there any better way to shake off winter hibernation than with a martini? 

Girts Mihalkins, bar supervisor at The Rye Bar and Diego Zeballos, restaurant manager at The Grill Room at Rosewood Washington, D.C. couldn’t think of one either, so when the luxury hotel announced a month-long partnership with independent and locally owned coffee company Grace Street Coffee, they knew they had the makings of a killer pick-me-up.

We spoke with Mihalkins and Zeballos to learn more about the story behind the zippy libation:

The Daily Meal: How did the Martini come to be chosen for this collaboration?
Diego Zeballos:
We recently launched a pop-up coffee shop in Rosewood Washington, D.C.’s lobby in partnership with Grace Street Coffee, and we thought a cold coffee cocktail would be a fun way to bring the partnership to life at The Rye Bar. The Grace Street Martini was born by pairing Grace Street’s cold brew coffee with a bitter rye to balance out the flavors, and adding the Kahlua to enhance the coffee taste.

What is your favorite aspect of mixing coffee and spirits? Besides rye, what others do you like to mix with coffee?
Girts Mihalkins:
Coffee goes nicely with a variety of different spirits, specifically rum and cognac, depending on if you’re serving the beverage hot or cold.

What has been your favorite reaction to the cocktail thus far?
The Grace Street Martini is brand new to our cocktail menu, so guests and locals are just beginning to test it out. We’re excited and think they’ll enjoy it—it’s the perfect refreshing cocktail for the warmer months.

If you could choose, what would be your last drink and why?
My last drink would have to be a Margarita. There’s something to be said about tequila, sweet triple sec, bold citrus flavor, and the salt that leaves you feeling happy every time!


The Grace Street Martini
1.5 oz. rye
1.5 oz. Grace Street cold brew coffee
.25 Maraschino liquor
.5 oz Kahlua
.25 oz simple syrup