Cat Cafés, Penguin Bars, and Other Places You Can Drink with Animals

Sipping drinks with animals is an Asian trend that’s catching on in the rest of the world

Cat Cafés, Penguin Bars, and Other Places You Can Drink with Animals

Photo Modified: Flickr / Noelle Noble / CC BY 4.0

First cats, then goats, now owls? Sipping coffee or tea with furry friends — or in some cases, feathery or scaly creatures — is what the cool kids are doing in Asia, and now in other parts of the world, too.

All Dogs Allowed

All dogs are allowed at doggie-friendly cafés — no leash required. At Bau House in Seoul, Korea, things get a bit more intense: dogs of all ages and breeds play, lounge on chairs and couches, and scarf down homemade dog treats made at the café. Along with treats and playtime, Montreal’s Le Doggy Café offers obedience classes and cooking workshops for devoted dog owners.

Side of Carrots and Bunnies

Photo Modified: Flickr / Noelle NobleCC BY 4.0

Carrots, grass, and bunny-themed desserts are what you’ll find at Cafe Raabi and Ra.a.g.f. (Rabbit and Grow Fat), two cafés in Tokyo that are home to several bunnies who hop from table to table, sitting on laps and chomping on greens and other rabbit treats.

Coffee and Cats

Karen Lo

Coffee comes with cat-shaped cookies and cuddly kitties at some cafés in Asia. Sipping coffee with felines is a trend that’s quickly catching on, and cat lovers around the world are opening their own cat cafés, including Paris’ Café des Chats (which also has a location in Montreal), Australia’s Cat Café, San Francisco’s Cat Town Café, and, most recently, New York City’s Meow Parlour, where customers can pet rescued shelter cats for an hourly fee.

Goat Café

Photo Modified: Flickr / Rebecca Siegel CC BY 4.0

Domestic animals are old news in Japan’s coffee shops. Owners of Sakuragaoka Café in Tokyo adopted a pair of goats in order to add a “wow factor” that they said cats and dogs don’t have. These goats aren’t living on a farm — they live, play, and eat in the café, and customers can sign up to take them for a walk or just drop in and hang out.

Sipping with Sheep

Sheep graze the room for hugs and hay from customers who wander into Thanks Nature Café in Seoul, Korea. The space is bursting with plant life to make the sheep feel right at home.

Owl Coffee Shops

Forget cats; owls are the latest trend in Tokyo’s cafés. At coffee shops like Tori no Iru Café and Owl Shop, dozens of owls are perched in every corner, even on customer’s heads, arms, and shoulders. Strict rules apply: no flash photography, sudden movements, or petting the owls anywhere but on their heads and backs.

These Penguins Walk Into a Bar…

In fact, they swim, waddle, and eat dead fish in what are known as “penguin bars” while customers sip on beer. Bars like Penguin Bar Fairy in Okinawa and Arekey Dining Bar in Hyōgo are the places to go in Japan for a drink and penguin watching.

This Café is a Zoo

Customers can grab a coffee, pet a falcon, and hold a python all in one place at Tokyo’s Café Little Zoo, which is basically an exotic zoo for coffee-lovers.