Carvel, Captain Lawrence Brewery Team Up For Fudgie The Beer

Fudgie the Whale has long been a beloved ice cream cake, perfect for birthdays. And if you've celebrated 21 or more birthdays, you might want to upgrade from Fudgie the Whale to Fudgie the Beer. This week, Carvel, which introduced the iconic cake and holds the trademark for the character, announced that it has teamed up with New York brewery Captain Lawrence to create a special Father's Day treat. Fudgie the Beer is a limited-edition stout brewed with Carvel's signature chocolate crunchies and fudge.

"The reception thus far has been amazing," a Carvel spokesperson told The Daily Meal via email. "Captain Lawrence sold out of Fudgie the Beer in 90 minutes (on May 30), and they are currently brewing another batch, which will be ready on Friday, June 15."

Captain Lawrence describes the brew as featuring "smooth cocoa notes with a roasted crunchies finish" and says it pairs well with roasted or smoked foods as well as chocolate or espresso desserts.

The brewery will also offer Fudgie's Father's Day Float, a boozy milkshake made using the new beer and Carvel's cake, but for a limited time only, beginning June 6.

A four-pack of 16-ounce Fudgie the Beer cans costs $18, and a 12-ounce mug of Fudgie's Father's Day Float will set you back $8.

Here's the bad news: You've got to be local to the brewery's hometown of Elmsford, just north of New York City, or be willing to drive there. Fudgie the Beer is only available at the brewery (although Captain Lawrence's other beers are sold up and down the East Coast).

Those of us who aren't local can instead watch Fudgie help make the beer in a YouTube video where the cake's mascot visits the brewery and helps mix and stir the brew, all while taking selfies with and hugging happy employees.

And the company offers a recipe for Fudgie's Father's Day Float, which can be made with any stout beer — but it will require sacrificing a Fudgie cake. You blend 12 ounces of stout with 4 cups of Carvel Fudgie the Whale cake, divide between four glasses edged with Carvel chocolate crunchies (or smash up some Oreos; no one will know), and garnish with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. If this inspires you to begin seeking out really wild milkshakes of all kinds, explore the world's freakiest milkshakes.