Can We Guess Your Drink Based On Your Name?

What is your go-to drink, and why? When you order your first drink for the night, is there a reason behind your decision? You may believe this drink is your favorite simply because you like the taste. Well, we beg to differ.

What if we told you that your drink of choice is predetermined, that it was decided for you the moment that you were born? That's right: We here at The Daily Meal believe your favorite beverage may be directly connected to your name.

In an attempt to plead our case, Managing Editor Lauren Gordon and Social Media Manager Ben Kaufman took a stab at guessing your drink of choice based on nothing more than your given name.

When you hear the names below, what drink do you think of? Or, if you have one of these names, did we guess it right?

Take a look at our guesses and see if you agree. 

Boy's Names


Ben: I think of a British dude in a pub.

Lauren: A British dude? That's a total Irish name.​

Ben: Whatever. I would imagine Scotch.

Lauren: What? Liam is whiskey, it is so whiskey. It's like an Irish staple, and Liam sounds like he's going to knock your face out after he takes a shot of whiskey. Liam's a fighter, and Liam's a drinker.

Ben: A fighter?

Lauren: Yeah, a fighter. I could deal with Liam taking a shot of whiskey and fighting for me. Or saving my life. I wouldn't hate that.

Verdict: Liam is ripping shots of Scotch and you don't want to mess with him.


Ben: I think of someone who likes the finer things in life. A Mason is someone who's from boarding school or something like that, so he's for sure drinking something expensive.

Lauren: Expensive?

Ben: Well, he's definitely not drinking vodka. Maybe a whiskey, or a rum.

Lauren: I don't know. On one side, I could totally see the preppy thing, but, I also see some Southern comfort in the name Mason. It may not be fair to associate Mason with a Mason jar, but I'm picturing Southern Comfort and amaretto.

Ben: I still see the preppy aspect of it.

Lauren: Grey goose?

Ben: Whiskey.

Verdict: Mason is drinking an expensive Southern drink that most likely includes whiskey.


Ben: Jacob is such a classic name. The Jacob I would know would be a beer guy.

Lauren: Shandy cocktail kind of guy? Too lemony?

Ben: OK, maybe he's too classic for just beer, but how about a gin and tonic?

Lauren: Those are pretty classic. I can deal with Jacob drinking a gin and tonic. What about beer?

Ben: Depends on where he is, but I think Jacob is ordering only craft beer.

Lauren: Really? I'd think he would be pounding PBR.

Ben: Well, are we talking about Jake or Jacob? Different story.

Verdict: Jacob is pounding PBR or drinking gin and tonic. Jake is up for debate.


Lauren: William is keeping it classy.

Ben: Definitely, and William is not putting ice in his drink. He doesn't have a liquor preference.

Lauren: Right, he's not picky on the liquor he's drinking, but it has to be presented to him in a certain way. No girly cocktails or sex on the beach; William's drinking it straight.

Ben: It's like he's royal or something.

Verdict: Everyone who's named William is a prince who drinks all his liquor straight.


Lauren: Ethan is chill. Ethan is so chill. Ethan could be down for any classic cocktail.

Ben: You think?

Lauren: Yeah, Ethan would enjoy any poolside drink. Like a classic Margarita, or chillin' with a tasty beverage.

Ben: Interesting, because I see Ethan as chill, but not poolside cocktail chill. I see Ethan as a sloppy drinker, drinking a Margarita only to get drunk.

Lauren: I drink Margaritas to get drunk. I feel judged.

Verdict: Ethan likes to get drunk off of cheap Margaritas.

Girl's names


Lauren: When I think of Emma, I think of a classic girl. Emma reminds me of a literature girl, sitting in the corner of a nice bar with a book and a bourbon. A neat bourbon. It's warm and it's Hotty Toddy. Maybe a tea and bourbon?

Ben: It's definitely not a crowded bar, either.

Lauren: No, Emma doesn't need a crowded bar. She's got her book and that's all she needs. There is a mysteriousness about her.

Ben: If she were at a crowded bar, she could order wine and nobody would care.

Verdict: Emma drinks bourbon or wine, and you won't see her at the popular bar in your neighborhood.


Lauren: Olivia is classic, like a martini. Oh, maybe a dirty martini. Simple, but classic.

Ben: I could see the classic, but I could see the partier side of Olivia too.

Lauren: You're thinking of Liv.

Ben: Yeah, Liv likes to party.

Lauren: Liv is going to, pun intended, "live it up." She's taking shots, she's chugging beers, and she's down for whatever.

Verdict: Olivia drinks martinis, Liv loves to party. An Olivia that goes by "Liv" must chug martinis.


Ben: Sophia is a really pretty name. It comes with a level of sophistication.

Lauren: Bring Sophia home to Mom.

Ben: So, Sophia is drinking a white wine. I think my mom would love to drink white wine with a classy girl named Sophia.

Lauren: Or Champagne. She's classy enough for that.

Ben: Yeah, Sophia always has something to celebrate.

Verdict: Sophia is drinking something that's light, served in a flute or wine glass. She's not ripping shots by any means.


Ben: This comes off as very exotic to me, even though it's not exotic.

Lauren: I know. The first thing I think of is sangria.

Ben: Sangria on the beach.

Lauren: If you go to Isabella's house, she has, like, two pitchers of sangria that are ready to drink.

Ben: So she's the mixologist?

Lauren: Oh no, she's definitely drinking them. Isabella is the first one in line to have herself a couple glasses.

Verdict: Isabella loves her sangria, and she'll always have more than one.


Lauren: I think of the Roaring Twenties, like gin. Maybe a gin or tonic, but out of a swanky glass?

Ben: Definitely. You will not see Ava drinking beer. She won't settle for just a beer.

Verdict: Gin and tonic. That's that.


Lauren: Mia is drinking a cosmo.

Ben: You think? I thought of wine.

Lauren: If it's wine, it's a fruity wine. Either way, Mia is having a real drink.

Ben: Real drinks are fruity?

Lauren: A drink with a lot of alcohol. An actual cocktail.

Ben: Fair enough. If it's not wine, it's hard liquor.

Verdict: Mia is drinking a cocktail that's a devil in disguise: fruity and delicate on the outside, but packing a punch of liquor on the inside.