Serious Health Concerns from Can Monster Energy Drink Really Kill You? (Slideshow)

Can Monster Energy Drink Really Kill You? (Slideshow)

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Serious Health Concerns

Energy-drink related emergency room visits skyrocket — more than doubling in the past few years.


New Policies

Morrison’s supermarket, a chain located in the U.K., has banned children under the age of 16 from buying high-caffeine energy drinks.


Age Restrictions

The city of Los Angeles is also considering employing an age restriction for energy drinks.


Determining Factors

So can Monster Energy Drink, in fact, kill you? Well, the answer is maybe: according to Popular Science, if you’re an adult with no pre-existing health conditions, the chances that consuming one Monster Energy drink could actually kill you are extremely low.

Potentially Dangerous

If the person consuming the beverages is a child, young teenager, or anyone with a pre-existing heart condition, ingesting a large amount of caffeine is not recommended and may be responsible for doing the heart some serious harm — and potentially even be a cause of fatalities.


Depression and Susbstance Use

Less life-threatening, but of concern to regulators, is a new study that links depression and substance use to high school aged children who drink the beverages most regularly. 


Ask a Professional

Of course, if you’re concerned about the amount of caffeine you may be ingesting and whether it could be problematic for your health, the best advice is to ask your doctor. 



It is conceivable that limiting your caffeine intake could be a genuinely life-saving measure.

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Can Monster Energy Drink Really Kill You? (Slideshow)