Buffalo Wild Wings New Concept Features a Self-Serve Beer Wall

How futuristic

Buffalo Wild Wings new small-format concept B-Dubz Express features a self-serve beer wall with over 20 beers and cocktails.

Buffalo Wild Wings is truly leveling up the fast-casual scene with their new concept eateries. The sports bar chain’s new small-format store, B-Dubs Express, offers all your favorite aspects of Buffalo Wild Wings: wings, beer, sports, plus one incredible addition exclusively at their recently launched Uptown Minneapolis spot. For the first time in Buffalo Wild Wings history, this B-Dubs Express location features a self-serve beer and cocktail wall.

According to a press release from the chain, the wall features a series of touch screens that provide a detailed breakdown of each beer and cocktail available to be selected. There are over 20 domestic and craft beer options as well as BWW’s cocktails including Buffalo Zoo and House Margarita. Customers even have the option of sampling the beverage before purchasing.

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To ensure that customers are not overserved, anyone interested in purchasing a beverage from the wall must show ID to staff, who provide a wristband and a pre-paid card equipped with a sensor for the wall, which sounds pretty futuristic and cool. The customer then slides the card into the face of the wall and pulls the tap of their choice. But here’s where it gets real technical — each card is regulated with a set number of ounces each person is allowed to pour. According to the press release, “Once empty, the customer then has to request additional ounces to be loaded on the card from the staff, who ensure they are consuming responsibly.”

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The new B-Dubs Express restaurants also feature a self-serve condiment station. Customers can sample and load up on all of Buffalo Wild Wings’ 21 sauces and seasonings to their liking. That wide variety of sauces is just one of the reasons that Buffalo Wild Wings continues to be one of America’s best fast-casual chains.